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NEW Digital Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party Kit!
Sole Hope

NEW Digital Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party Kit!

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You will get an opportunity to have your hands on a pair of shoes that will go on a child in need.  The shoes you cut at this party will be given to a vulnerable child to help end the cycle of jiggers that lead to other diseases, isolation, inability to attend school, and even death.  When the shoes you cut out are put on a child in need, they will receive medical treatment and be educated on the problem of jiggers, how to prevent them and the truth around living jigger free.    

*For a limited time, individuals who purchase this Shoe Party Kit will only need to sponsor shoes (as in the past) at $14 per pair after the first 5 pairs cut.  A generous donation from Buffalo Jeans has covered your treatment sponsorship!

Inside your downloadable kit:

-The Shoe Party Kit Booklet with access codes for your videos and party page.

-Shoe Pattern

-Details on the items you need to gather for your party (basic things like safety pins, jeans and sharpies)

*This listing is for the digital Shoe Party Kit.  You will not receive any physical materials with the purchase of this item.   **Print your pattern ONLY at 100% scale, not fit to page or other options.**

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