Digital Shoe Kit

Digital Shoe Kit

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*This is a Downloadable Kit! 

*Downloads on iPads will require an app like WinZip for opening zip files.*

**Print your pattern ONLY at 100% scale, not fit to page or other options.**

Please send all donations to the new address:

Sole Hope P.O. Box 232 Saint James, MO 65559

Shoes are a huge part of Sole Hope and our mission! Will you join us in the fight against jiggers by tracing and cutting out the top half of the Sole Hope shoe?

With your purchase, you have already paid for the 5 pairs of shoes you are going to make to be sponsored! Great Job! 

Inside your downloadable kit:

-The Shoe Kit Guide with access codes for your videos and party page.

-Shoe Pattern 

**Please note: each pair of shoes you make over 5 will need to be accompanied by an additional $14 donation/pair. For information on donating for additional pairs, please email**