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The Sole Hope Outreach House Remodel

The Sole Hope Outreach House is a huge part of what we do on the ground in Uganda. We have shared with you so many of our success stories - stories that we are still blown away by everyday. The Sole Hope Outreach House was born out of necessity. There were severe cases of jiggers in villages too far away to travel to regularly, but still we had to do something. Thus, the Outreach House. It allows us to bring in children from hours outside of Jinja, remove their jiggers, give them medical treatment, teach them preventative steps to protect them in the future, and give them consistent treatment for as long as needed. (BEFORE) Because the Outreach House was...

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The Sole Hope Outreach House - How You Can Help

Saying goodbye to the children staying at the Sole Hope Outreach House is always a bittersweet moment. We are so thankful that they are leaving with #ZEROjiggers and are taking new habits home with them, but we will miss seeing their sweet faces at around the compound each day. The Sole Hope Outreach House is consistently filled with some of the worst jigger cases from the Busoga Region - brought to us from village leaders and pastors. So far this year, we have: Treated 30+ children at the Outreach House Removed 2000+ jiggers at the Outreach House alone!! Most of these cases have been brought to us by pastor Nume Dan Xavier near Kamuli - an area several hours north of...

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