The Sole Hope Outreach House Remodel

The Sole Hope Outreach House is a huge part of what we do on the ground in Uganda.

We have shared with you so many of our success stories - stories that we are still blown away by everyday.

The Sole Hope Outreach House was born out of necessity. There were severe cases of jiggers in villages too far away to travel to regularly, but still we had to do something. Thus, the Outreach House. It allows us to bring in children from hours outside of Jinja, remove their jiggers, give them medical treatment, teach them preventative steps to protect them in the future, and give them consistent treatment for as long as needed.


Because the Outreach House was not something that was originally planned for, there was a lot of work to do on the physical house - walls needed paint, beds needed to be purchased, and storage needed to be built. Thanks to our partnership with Allume, this dream became a reality. 

We have two sets of triple bunk beds, the walls and floor have fresh paint and there is a built in closet that holds all of our donated clothes. 

Along with all of that, local artist, Dickson Nabiru, and his art students from Arise Talents painted the most beautiful mural on two of the Outreach House walls! Arise Talents takes in children who are orphaned or whose parents do not play a large role in their life and teaches them art. They attend school during the weekdays and have art classes in the evenings and on weekends - some of the kids even help remove jiggers at our clinics! We were so excited for them to come and put their amazing talents to work in the Outreach House. Some of the money raised will be given to them as a thank you for their beautiful work and will go towards their school fees! These children are amazing artists, and we are so thrilled to have their art as a big part of our Sole Hope Outreach House!

We are so thankful for everyone that has donated up to this point. For every child that stays at the Outreach House your donation goes to medical care, transport from their home village, new clothes, and 3 meals a day.  In addition the children are sent home with everything they need to care for jiggers in the future (basin, scrub brush, soap, safety pins, and literature about jiggers to share with their family).

There are still many things that can be done to improve this space for our outreach children. You can go to the Sole Hope Outreach House fundraiser page here on Pure Charity (Sponsored by Allume) to donate. 

We are so excited to share this gift with our outreach children in the future. They will have a comfortable place to recover from some of the worst jigger cases. We could not do this without the support of all of you!

Allume                                          The Weisburg Family Foundation
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