The Journey of Wakisi

It was almost 10 months ago that we visited the village of Wakisi for the first time.

We set up the clinic, not entirely knowing what we were up against. It was a long, hard day - 248 jiggers removed, 55 children treated. 

It was just a small school. Children from the surrounding areas gathered around at the news of the clinic spread. Two feet at a time, children sat to have their feet washed before being carried to someone removing. 248 jiggers removed.

In the moment, we were just focused on the next two feet


Ten months later we set up the same clinic, in the same spot, seeing the same children.

We had the next two feet in front of us.


Several new faces made their way into our clinic that day, but so many were familiar. Gloria peaked in the window with her small brother on her back. We first saw her many months ago - her feet were infested with jiggers and the pain was evident on her face. Yesterday she came to the clinic needing a new pair of shoes - she had outgrown hers! It was evident that she had been wearing these regularly and we were overjoyed to give her a brand new pair for her growing feet! Not only had she been wearing her shoes, but she had #ZEROjiggers - and some of the happiest feet I've seen. 

Moments like those propel you forward, fill you up, and bring pure JOY. She was once the next two feet - those two feet were placed in front of us again yesterday.

The progress we have seen in Wakisi is encouraging. Children are wearing their shoes. The cases are less severe. Many come to the clinic with #ZEROjiggers! The relationship we've built with this village is of the upmost importance. We are thankful for the dear village of Wakisi.

Still, we focus on the next two feet.

(All photos thanks to @wanderingwithmary)