The Sole Hope Outreach House - How You Can Help

Saying goodbye to the children staying at the Sole Hope Outreach House is always a bittersweet moment. We are so thankful that they are leaving with #ZEROjiggers and are taking new habits home with them, but we will miss seeing their sweet faces at around the compound each day.

The Sole Hope Outreach House is consistently filled with some of the worst jigger cases from the Busoga Region - brought to us from village leaders and pastors.

So far this year, we have:

  • Treated 30+ children at the Outreach House
  • Removed 2000+ jiggers at the Outreach House alone!!

Most of these cases have been brought to us by pastor Nume Dan Xavier near Kamuli - an area several hours north of Jinja Town. Early reports seem to point to this form of treatment being the most effective. Many of these children have left the Outreach House and remained JIGGER FREE! 

Along with jigger removal, the children who stay at the Outreach House are also tested for other illnesses such as HIV, syphilis and malaria and treated for these if any are found to be present. Education is also a big part of their stay. They are taught about proper hygiene, the importance of wearing their shoes, and even how to remove their own jiggers in the future! They leave with a brand new pair of Sole Hope shoes - made by local tailors and shoemakers on the Sole Hope compound. 

Running the Sole Hope Outreach House brings so much joy, but also a lot of need. There are several ways that you could partner along-side us as we continue to treat some of the worst jigger cases in the area. One great need right now is children's clothing. Each child that stays at the Outreach House receives a new outfit when they arrive. Due to our high turnover rate, we are running low on clothing that is children's size 2-10. If you have any new or gently used items (girls and boys) in this size, we would love for you to send it to our Asheville office to be sent here with our freight shipment this spring! You can send the clothing to the address below. 


Mail via USPS:

Sole Hope, PO Box 1492, Ashevile, NC 28802

Mail via FedEX/UPS:

Sole Hope, 2 Wall Street #114, Asheville, NC 28801


You can also help Sole Hope by donating to the Sole Hope Outreach House fund.  Currently the Sole Hope Outreach House needs some serious help to get to the point that founder, Asher Collie, dreams of making it. The hope is to furnish it with more  beds, a chalkboard wall, colorful murals painted by a local artist and his art students, a table to eat on, chairs, and an overall cozy and cheerful place to recover. Sole Hope has partnered with the Allume Community and Pure Charity to fund the improvements.  Please consider going HERE now and join with us to make this dream a reality.
The Sole Hope Outreach House builds friendships, cultivates relationships with the community, and allows for long term treatment for children with the worst cases of jiggers. We are sad to see their sweet faces go, but we are so thankful for the new knowledge they have to fight the problem of jiggers - two feet at a time!