#blogHOPE 2014 Team Member - Molly Bear

Our final #blogHOPE 2014 team member is Molly! Although she isn't a blogger, we are so excited to have her here serving alongside Sole Hope!

 My name is Molly Bear - I am a senior at Arizona State University and a mom to a beautiful, silly little girl named Peyton who will be two in April. I used to play collegiate soccer at the University of Missouri and Louisiana State University - where I met and became close friends with Mo Isom and that is how I heard of Sole Hope. In November, I met a man in one of my classes who came to the US from Sudan as a child after his family was killed by the LRA. He shared his testimony with me and my heart was just shattered by his story, his heart for Jesus, and a longing to serve and be as brave in God’s will as this man is. When I shared this with Mo she told me she was going to Uganda in March on a bloggers trip - which was great for her, but I don’t have a blog, and if I would, no one would read it anyways. But it was put on her heart to just check and see if there was room for one more person to go even if that person wasn’t a blogger. Two days before the trip deadline Sole Hope responded and said they would love to have me and God couldn’t have created a more wide open door (or a more obvious calling) for me to go and serve. I have always thought I didn’t have any exceptional gifts that paved a way for missionary type work, but I have a heart for loving people the way that Jesus does and I cannot wait to go to Uganda and be surrounded by so many inspiring people who feel the same.

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