#blogHOPE 2014 Team Member - Melissa Blair

Today we are you to introducing Melissa from our #blogHOPE 2014 team. The anticipation is building as the trip dates get closer - follow #blogHOPE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for team updates!

I live in Texas where I am a wife, a mama, and a writer. All four of these things factor
prominently for me.

My passion is a simple driving force of my life: to show God big.

A friend told me about Sole Hope a couple of years ago. It was one of those things, in between
raising babies and moving across Texas again, that I put on the backburner. Then one day, she
shared a video from her friend Dru. It was a personal message thanking her. In it, Dru’s
message was interrupted by a rooster and I could see red dirt forever and unfamiliar mud huts.
I knew his wife had been back in the states for weeks and would be back in Uganda soon. They have three
children. I could put my family in their place and it made me squirm.

What work are they doing for God that compels this steady faithfulness with such a seemingly
high price?

As I began to dig in to Sole Hope, I see Asher stumbling across a major problem with foot
disease. I see her having a simple solution. I see her offering up her hands and changing lives at
the expense of her own comfort and…

I see God big.

Doing small things and big things…changing people and lives.

I ask a different question now:

How could I possibly pay the higher price of not joining God where He is working?

And I offer up my hands to play a small part in spreading HOPE.


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