#blogHOPE 2014 Team Member - Erika Riggs

We are so excited to introduce you to our next #blogHOPE team member. We are look forward to meeting her next month and can't wait to be apart of the #blogHOPE journey!

I was born and raised in Washington state and currently live in Seattle, which feels worlds away from Africa. I never was someone who felt a tug to serve anywhere remotely, so when I attended the Influence Conference in September 2012 and heard about Sole Hope, it was a new feeling to hear little whispers of interest of going and serving.

I love that Sole Hope is an integrative nonprofit-- more than just giving money-- people can be a part of the life-changing work that they do, by cutting out shoes. You feel connected to those who will sew the shoes and wear the shoes, just by the tangible act of cutting out the fabric pieces.

Other things to know about me: I read voraciously, I love to run and be outdoors, my husband and I are currently fixing up our little bungalow house, and I could eat chips and salsa every day.

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